About Janette

Meet and get to know Janette

  • For over 35 years Janette has been studying health, well being and self mastery practices. Practices include meditation, energy work, breath work, principles of Law of Attraction, brain science, stress reduction, aromatherapy, sharing CBDs and Reiki.
  • Janette received certifications in Reiki I, II & III, Teacher Training, Karuna Holy Fire II and offers Reiki sessions and classes as part of her continued work with healing energy.
  • The Spiritual seeker in her has studied a variety of types of Meditation.  Her favorite practices include body centered awareness, Mindfulness, visualization, relaxation, and cultivating intuitive energy.
  • Janette knows a tremendous amount coming back from disease and personal unbalance through her own journey with trauma, chronic stress, Adrenal Fatigue, decreased immune system functioning, and her return to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.
  • Many mentors and teachers have guided Janette on her journey.  She has extensively studied The Success Principle with success coach, Jack Canfield, author of  The Success Principles and The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Other teachers include Esther Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and her Reiki teachers Rose O’Connor and Joe Poole.
  • Prior to dedicating herself to her work in Health and Wellness, Janette enjoyed a successful career in the technology industry in sales and management. Her love of working with people enabled her to educate, train and consult with all types of corporations and government agencies.
  • Janette loves travel and has enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world.  Her favorite most meaningful trips include a 3 month solo back packing trip through Australia, living and studying in India at Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s community, Auroville, and a 6 month journey, mostly off the grid, through Baja, Mexico.