Getting started with CBDs – 5 things to understand

#1 – Your body produces a molecule that regulates many systems in your body.  Scientists named this molecule CBD.

#2 – CBDs in your body are supplemented with diet.  70 years ago, the major source of plant based CBDs were removed from the food supply.  CBDs deficiency is being studied by major research institutions, universities and governments around the world.

#3 – CBD receptors are found throughout the body with concentrations in the Central Nervous System and Digestive System.  Scientists named these internal receptor systems CBD1 and CBD2.  These systems combined are called the Endogenous Cannabinoid System.

#4 – CBD does not chemically react in the body as a psychoactive or psychotropic altering substance.  It’s properties elevate the body’s natural responses; they do not get you “high.”

#5 – Not all CBDs supplements are created the same.  Search out products whose source is plants grown with non-gmo seeds, no pesticides, no herbicides and no insecticides and grown in as non toxic an environment as possible.  Only consume CBDs that are extracted with a CO2 process rather than with alcohol and solvents.

I have researched and tried many CBD based products.  I suggest you read about Kannaway products and their standards, and use this as a benchmark.   You can learn more and try their products here https://kannaway.com/8234200