About Janette Mikity

I am an intuitive energy worker who supports people in transformational healing - restoring balance within the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Limiting beliefs and stuck emotions cause imbalances. Sometimes we are unable to move beyond these patterns of our own. This is where I help people. During a session, I tune into a healing, coherent, loving energy and allow that energy to flow through me to you for your highest and best. To further support and enhance a session I combine oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, Tibetan gong bowls, and my intuitive gifts.


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Breckenridge Yoga Festival
August 31-September 1 2019

Come find me at the Breckenridge Yoga Festival for mini reiki sessions, and information on CBD, essential oils, and more!

Reiki Level I Training - Edwards, Colorado
Saturday, September 14, 2019

Join me in Edwards, Colorado for Reiki Level I Training. It has been said that Reiki is Spirituality Guided Life Energy. Reiki is easy to learn and beautifully simple to bring to your day to day life, your intentions and overall wellbeing. Reiki I class lays the ground work for future Reiki placements and Reiki II class.

Reiki Level I Training - Breckenridge, Colorado
Thursday, September 19, 2019

I will be leading a Reiki Level I Placement in my beautiful home of Breckenridge. During this training you will uncover the power and magic of this ancient healing and learn how to use Reiki in your day to day life and how to develop your own self practice. This class lays the ground work for future Reiki placements and Reiki II class.