Meet Janette

Integrative Intuitive Healing

 Janette’s curiosity and passion for exploring emotional and spiritual healing practices started 35 years ago. Gifted with intuition and clairvoyance, she helps people find renewed hope, peace and freedom to move in the direction of their heart’s desires and dreams. Her work centers around the healing energy of Reiki which she has been practicing and studying since 2012.

If you have ever experienced times when you feel stuck or overwhelmed by your life circumstances, or are simply looking to feel better by taking a break with a relaxing experience, then Janette can assist. She provides a combination of therapies such as Reiki Energy, Intuition, aromatherapy and CBD oils. People find their sessions with Janette relaxing and they report feeling lighter and in alignment with the life they most desire.

Janette’s Studies

  • For over 35 years Janette has been studying health, well-being, and self mastery practices. Practices include meditiation, energy work, breath work, principles of Law of Attraction, brain science, stress reduction, aromatherapy, sharing CBDs and Reiki.

  • Janette received certifications in Reiki I, II, and III, Teacher Training, Karuna Holy Fire III and offers Reiki sessions and classes as part of her continued work with healing energy.

  • The Spiritual seeker in her has studied a variety of types of Meditation. Her favorite practices include body-centered awareness, Mindfulness, visualization, relaxation and cultivating intuitive energy.

  • Janette has tremendous knowledge and compassion from her experience from coming back from disease and personal imbalance. Her journey with trauma, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, decreased immune system functioning, and burnout to her return to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is one of the cornerstones of her desire to help and serve others.

  • Many mentors and teachers have guided Janette on her journey. She has extensively studied The Success Principle with success coach, Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Other teachers include Mike Dooley, Esther Hicks, Greg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and her current teacher, Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Prior to dedicating herself to her work in Health and Wellness, Janette enjoyed a successful career in the technology industry in sales and management. Her love of working with people enabled her to educate, train and consult with all types of corporations and government agencies.

  • Janette loves travel and has enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world. Her favorite, most meaningful trips include a 3-month solo backpacking trip through Australia, living and studying in India at Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s community at Auroville, and a 6-month journey, off the grid through Baja, Mexico.

 Janette’s Qualifications

Reiki Level I, 2012

Reiki Level II, 2013

Reiki ART/Master, 2014

Reiki Karuna, 2016

Reiki Karuna Holy Fire III, 2019

Member of the ICRT

Shaw Cancer Center Certified Reiki Practitioner

Given Hundreds of Reiki sessions and taught dozens of classes, 2012-Present

Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop, February 2018, June 2018, December 2018, July 2019

Emory University, BA



Janette takes time to inquire about your life’s needs, direction, hurts, desires. She takes this information and supports you energetically through the power of Reiki, crystals and essential oils. A very intuitive person, Janette removes her ego from all treatments and allows herself to be guided as a conduit of energy that best supports you in each particular moment. My time with Janette has been magical every time. Her intuition is always aligned with my best interest and has led me to feeling lighter, brighter and more confident. I fully trust her and am grateful for the tools she has shared with me that I can carry into my daily life. I love how Janette listens to her energetic guides, even when she initially finds the direction curious. She has shared with me how it turned out to be the perfect situation. I have such trust in her because she doesn’t make the treatments about her at all. It’s always about how to support me and I feel incredibly cared for.

Janette holds the space for transformative healing. She restores balance within my body by realigning my shakras through the practice of Reiki. Janette uses her gift of emotional intelligence to remove energy blockages allowing for the body, mind, soul and spirit to flourish. I came to Janette holding onto so much inside of me. This safe space she holds allows me to bring my trauma, worries and doubts to the surface. She challenges me to reevaluate through the lens I see the world through by sparking a shift in the conscious mindset. About a year went by without receiving Reiki from Janette. The outcomes of clarity, realignment and revitalization are felt whenever I think back to her sessions. I can carry this energy with me wherever I go, as long as I remember to tune within.

Treatments from Janette connect me with Christ’s Peace and God’s unconditional Love energy. Helped me forgive myself. Helped me love myself. Helped me let go of the past. Helped change me for the future. Helped me to replace judgement with love. Helped me to hear and understand the voice of the divine more clearly. Helped me to experience love in its purest form. What I like best is feeling warm, peaceful, love energy flow through every cell of my body.

Janette provides intuitively guided and deeply supportive Reiki-based energy healing sessions. In our modern lives it’s so easy to get sqept away and out of touch with who we really are. We exist in an almost constant state of overwhelm and burn-out. For me, these sessions are deeply supportive and relaxing both physically and energetically... almost like hitting a ‘reset’ button. Janette’s work has been extremely helpful on my personal journey. After a session I leave feeling lighter and with a sense of more clarity and personal awareness. I believe that Janette’s work helps me get into balanced vibration where I can tap into my own healing and intuitive abilities. What I like most about working with Janette is that I always feel at ease and supported. Her technique is always softly evolving making each appointment unique and always seems to be perfect for what I need at the time. I love how she truly takes the time to connect with me and I trust her immensely.