Essential Oils – My Story

I’ve always been a nature girl and gardener, so it was a natural progression that essential oils showed up in my journey into Wellness. I quickly learned that while essential oils smell good, they offer us way more in terms of health benefits. Essential oils offer endless ways to naturally enhance our lives and detoxify our homes. They help with digestion, immune support, mood and mindset, pain relief and sleep. And, the list goes on! I didn’t jump in all at once. I started using a few essential oils in Reiki sessions. My “go to” for relaxation are Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense. And sandalwood is quite nice for letting go and expanded awareness. Then I started experimenting with them at home and gradually started replacing standard household products with essential oils, and using them in increasing ways to support my health.


I am proud to be a doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate and provide you with access to essential oils I trust.

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